Ventura Homes for Sale: Detaching Yourself Emotionally from the Sale of Your House

by Gary and Lisa Schoeffler on April 27, 2011

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The connection between parent and child is a lot like the connection between seller and home. The memories, the investment, the trials and tribulations, all form an emotional bond that is difficult to separate from the home’s objective worth.

When a friend or relative has new baby, it’s a joyous occasion to be sure.  A child is the apple of the parent’s eye and every little movement, sound or bodily function is the cutest little thing on earth.  However, there comes a time when a parent needs to realize that they don’t necessarily have the smartest, most athletic, or most attractive kid on the block.  That doesn’t mean that they are any less deserving of your love, it just means that they’re not perfect.

So too the pride of home ownership can be intoxicating, especially in the case of single family homes. But when it comes time to sell your home, it’s time to sober up and take a long hard look at what you have to work with, both in terms of the quality of the home and the market in which you find yourself. While you may be used to those power lines obstructing your view, to others that can be a deal breaker and though you may like the quaint style of the home’s original appliances, a potential buyer may not be so charmed. It’s time to look at your home as the product that it is and not the part of your life that it was.

A real estate agent is exceptionally qualified to assess the street value of your home, since they deal with buyers and sellers on a daily basis. Here are some of things they might consider:

  • What have similar properties sold for recently in your area?
  • What’s the condition of the interior (floors, bathrooms, appliances, paint) and exterior (lawn, paint, balcony, lobby)? Were the recent sales in similar condition or did they have upgrades that your home does not?
  • Did similar homes sell close to the original list price or were there reductions? If so, by how much and how long did it sit on the market at the original price?
  • What is the school district like? (Not much you can do about this, but it may be a factor for buyers evaluating your home).

Should you sell your home? Is your emotional attachment to your home stopping you? Let’s look at your circumstance, the current market value of your home as well as other market factors and make the best decision for you and your family. You can get a free market snapshot on our website anytime. Feel free to call us and we will provide you with whatever information you need.

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