by Gary and Lisa Schoeffler on April 20, 2015

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 Should I buy a new home or rent well trying to sell my home?

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Well that’s a very good question?

You could do either one. It all depends if you are in a hurry to move and what your budgets is like.

The easiest way would be to move out and rent a home. The reasons it would be easier for you is because:

1.      Your home would be more accessible to buyers

2.     It will be easier to keep clean

3.     Any improvements that need to be made to the home will get done quicker and not interrupt your daily life.

4.     Buyer’s won’t interrupt your day to day life by coming and viewing your home

5.      Inspections will be done quicker

6.     If you need to get your house tented for termites, you’ll already be moved out.

7.      Your home will likely sell faster

8.     Instead of rushing to buy a new home you have time to look for the right one!


Although there are a lot of positives about renting it is not the most cost effective. You will need to move twice, pay rent and if your house does not sell quickly you’ll have to pay your current mortgage as well.

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2nd option is buying a new home well your selling current your home. Here are some reasons why it might be better to buy a new home well selling your current home:

1.      Your REAL ESATE PROFESSIONAL selling your home can help you find a new home.

2.     Your REAL ESATE PROFESSIONAL will help you get the best deal and advise you on what you should do.

3.     You’ll only have to move once

4.     REAL ESATE PROFESSIONAL will recommend you to put an offer in stating your purchasing home contingent upon your home selling.


Don’t worry! Your real estate professionals(aka us) will help you review and understand the terms of a home sale on contingency especially because contracts are legally binding. If you have any more questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. We are always here to help and give you are honest opinion.

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Should I buy a new home or rent well trying to sell my home?

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