Short Sale Information

Short Sales are very much a part of the current real estate landscape for Ventura County.  They effect the market, the flow of property and when involved in one, most of all they effect you and your family.  Our job is to minimize that effect and make it as painless as possible.  We have completed many shorts sales over the past few years and we have the tools and the experience to get you through the process and on the road to your future.  Not only do we have staff dedicated to short sales, we have many resources for you to make the transaction go smoothly.  One of those resources is this web site. On our site you will find answers to what a short sale is and how it is managed as well as the forms you will need to complete.

Contact us Today so we can provide you with the comparative market analysis and estimated closing costs.  Together we can determine if Short Sale is the answer for you.  If not, we will discuss your options.  Don’t wait,  protect your family’s future today!

Is Short Sale Right for Me?

There are many considerations regarding a short sale. We have the experience to assist you in making the decision on what to do next. Let's get started.
  • Please provide the address for the property you are considering for short sale.
  • Please provide a daytime phone number.
  • If you answered "other" to the reason for hardship, please provide an explanation here. You may also use this space to comment or ask questions.