Open House Class Taught By Gary Schoeffler, 6/2/10

by Gary and Lisa Schoeffler on June 4, 2010

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Gary Schoeffler taught an open house class to fellow Prudential Agents Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

One of the items he handed out was, Open House Preparation – Top 12 Tips for The Owner:

  1. Yard neat, lawn mowed, shoveled if necessary.  Walkway, entrance, porch should be clean and uncluttered
  2. Garage tidy
  3. All the rooms should be neat and clean; remove excess knickknacks and furniture (remember if you put them into the garage or closets – keep it neat!)
  4. Floors vacuumed or washed; beds made
  5. Curtains and blinds open and all lights on
  6. Cars removed or parked elsewhere
  7. Minor repairs made
  8. Pets and related items removed
  9. Deodorize
  10. Take out the trash
  11. Clean windows
  12. Owner and family members absent

Staging the house has become another important tool for presenting your  home in the “best light” at an open house.

“Staging on your Own

You can certainly stage your own home, with a little bit of effort. To do so, you need to employ the same kinds of tactics and tools a professional home stager would employ.

For example, you need to be able to arrange the furniture in an appealing way. You need to be able to showcase soft fabrics. You need to known which kinds of knickknacks to pack away and which ones to highlight. You need to pay attention to lighting in every room, and make sure that the room will “pop” even on an overcast day.

Staging isn’t cheap or easy, but it will pay off. Staged homes tend to sell quicker and for more money than comparable homes that aren’t staged”

via Selling a House? Consider Staging! |

“The best way to try to envision the way your house should look when you are trying to sell it is to have it like a model home. This includes having smaller scaled furniture and probably not as much furniture as well. Usually, double sized beds are used in master bedrooms to gie the illusion of a bigger space than if you had your king sized bed in the room. It is about creating the idea of more space to the buyer and having them believe that they are getting more for their money. If you hire a home stager, you most likely will have to rent a storage space to put the extra items in.”

via How to Get Your Property Ready To Be Sold in a Hard Real Estate Market and How a Home Stager May Assist You | Earn Extra Money Blogging!.

It is important to choose an experienced Realtor who can prepare your home, market the open house successfully and maximize the potential buyers to sell your home.

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