Investment Property Ventura, CA: The Green Checklist: Six Steps to Green Any Property

by Gary and Lisa Schoeffler on May 7, 2011

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As an investor, you may be very interested in green but do not know how to start or how to audit potential properties from a green perspective. That said, here is a step-by-step approach to audit and green any investment property in the six major areas of any property.

This is exactly what to use on a area-by-area basis to take any investment property and green it up.  This is an easy checklist to use for your contractors to use as well.

The Green Real Estate Checklist


Check: Sprinkler-heads (age and manufacturer), weather sensors, drip systems.  Turn on all irrigation and notice over spray areas.

Action: Replace sprinkler-heads with water conserving sprinkler heads (Hunter MP Rotators are the best).  Add weather sensors and timers.  Check for rebates as in most areas of the S there are usually rebates on this equipment.


Check: Interior, Exterior, Trims, Stains to see if they are no-VOC.  The easiest way to check is look at the labels on extra paint cans/stains (usually in the garage).

Action:  If they are not no-VOC then repaint/re-stain with no-VOC alternative.  All of the major paint companies make a no-VOC alternative.  I like Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Zero VOC paint the best. For no-VOC stains check your local home goods store or


Check: Age and style of carpet.  95% you should replace any carpet you see.  Same thing with linoleum-unless it was put in a year ago replace it.

Action: Replace carpet with eco-friendly alternative such as Mohawk SmartStrand carpet made from recycled plastic bottles.  Feels great, off-gasses significantly less and costs about the same. Replace a typical carpet pad with a hypoallergenic soy carpet pad.

Inexpensive, no-nonsense suggestions! These green tips will appeal to the buyer who is “green-conscious” and will save money in the long run if you plan to hang on to the property as a rental. Appliances, lighting and water are addressed in the remainder of the article.

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