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by Gary and Lisa Schoeffler on April 13, 2011

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Setting Goals is a key to succeeding in any area – whether you are talking finances, fitness, or career. You can research all you want, but it is very rare to find a successful person anywhere who isn’t a goal setter.

Don’t confuse goals with hopes.  “Hopes” are vague, without deadlines, and often unrealistic.  Goals are just the opposite.

Here are 5 keys to setting great goals that you can achieve:

S = Specific

Goals should always be as specific as possible. For example, assume you set a goal that says, “I want to make (or save) as much money as possible this year.” This is a terrible goal because it’s vague; that is, there’s no definition of what “as much money as possible” is. 

Psychologically, vague goals tend to make you procrastinate or get lazy because there’s no definite number to hang on to. 

So, a better way to write a specific goal is this: “By Dec. 31 of this year, I will have made $100,000.”Or, “I will have cut spending by $10,000 by Dec. 31.” Now, your unconscious has a concrete number to grab on to! 

(Note: your sub-conscience loves concrete items. If you want to make a goal real in your mind, describe it as much as possible in terms of the five senses; that is, touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight).

What are your real estate goals? Are you wanting to move-up; buy your first home; downsize; or invest? All require some thought and planning. There is a wealth of information available to you to help you make decisions and set goals. When you are ready to put your plan in motion, we are ready to assist you!

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