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by Gary and Lisa Schoeffler on May 8, 2011

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You may not have realized it, but your mother has been giving you amazing home and mortgage advice for years.


It’s wonderful to give your mother gifts and cards on Mother’s Day-and you should! However, you should also take a few minutes to remember and think about the wisdom that she has shared with you over the years as a way to show your respect.


If you are a homeowner or plan to purchase a home anytime soon, you’d probably be surprised at how much your mom’s wisdom applies to home ownership and purchasing as well as the whole mortgage process.


You can spend thousands of dollars on books and courses, but all that you really need to know you’ve already learned from your mom:


1.) Material objects will never bring you true happiness-you can only find true happiness in yourself.

Oftentimes, people will make the mistake of purchasing a home because they think that it will make them and their family happy. True happiness for a family or a person can only come from inside and not from material possessions.

Get a house that is right for your family and for your needs. Does it have the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Is it close to good schools? Is it in a safe neighborhood?


Make sure that you have the basics covered and you will be making the right choice that will give you the groundwork for happiness. True happiness, though, won’t come just from a house or any other material possession.


2) Don’t take more than you need.

It’s tempting to let yourself get talked into a larger house than you really need. After all, who doesn’t want an impressive place to come home to every night?


The reality is that a home gobbles up the largest piece of a family’s earnings pie. Stretch it too far with a house that is too expensive and you’ll have trouble paying for things like vacations and retirement.


You’ll also have trouble weathering storms like layoffs, illnesses, and pay cuts. While the difference between an expensive mortgage and a more affordable one may only be a few hundred dollars a month, that money can make a difference when times get tough.


Live below your means and you will always be able to meet life’s challenges.


3) Don’t go into debt unnecessarily.

We live in a consumer debt culture and not everyone realizes that there are different kinds of debt. High-interest credit card debt is the kind of debt that keeps eating away at your future earnings.


However, debt like educational loans and mortgages is potentially good debt in that it can be a positive investment in your future and your ability to generate more income. Avoid unnecessary consumer debt and carefully consider how mortgage debt might help you in the future in terms of things like resale value and money saved.


In honor of Mother’s Day we bring you these pearls of wisdom from mom… we believe the old adage, Mother knows best! If you want advice from someone other than mom, please feel free to contact us – we may not be as wise as mom in some things, but we feel we can go toe-to-toe when it comes to Ventura Real Estate! Happy Mother’s Day!

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