9 Tips on How to Move with Kids!

by Gary and Lisa Schoeffler on June 6, 2016

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Moving with kids can be an incredibly stressful time – for you and them! As parents, we want our kids to be happy and embrace the experience of moving. Although we can’t alleviate all discomfort and chaos that comes with moving into a new home, we can do some things to make the experience a more pleasant one for the kids and for us!


  1. Know what to expect.

This goes for you and the kids. When you know what to expect as a parent you are then able to communicate to your child(ren) what is going to happen step by step. The more they understand, the more comfortable they’ll feel with all that’s going on. Answering all of their questions and concerns before things happen is vital in helping them embrace this transition.


  1. Involve them.

This one can be hard because we all know that we can get the job done much faster without all the little hands in the way but including your kids in the process of packing and moving will make them feel apart which will in turn help them transition better. This is most important when it comes to packing up their rooms or their playroom. Leaving out their favorite toys until the very end and having them help put things in boxes will reassure them that their things are leaving forever but just being put away for a little while.


  1. Have a special overnight bag

The first night in a new place can be super scary for kids. Have each child pack a special overnight bag that includes their sleeping bag, a couple of their favorite toys/stuffed animals, and their favorite cozy pajamas. Turn the first night in a new place into a giant camp out or sleepover! Making it fun and turning it into a game will make them excited to move into the new house and they’ll look forward to it.


  1. Label your boxes

You may wonder what this has to do with your kids but trust me, it does. We all know that children are needy and generally when they need something they need it now. This goes the same for their toys or their favorite t-shirt. Knowing exactly what’s in your boxes will help you when they need those certain things so you don’t have to open every box to find it.


  1. Don’t Rush

Sometimes, we can’t help circumstances and a move has to be quick, but as much as is possible it’s great to give ourselves time to do things well. Although getting the process over with might seem ideal for us, a shorter transition may be harder for children to adjust to. Having more time to talk about, plan for it, and pack for it will help them process it better.


  1. Keep a routine

This may seem near to impossible but it’s vitally important. Sometimes a late night or a missed nap is inevitable but generally speaking, keeping their normal routines is very helpful. It will help the kids feel a sense of normal and safety in the midst of chaos. Try to keep in mind the traditions you might forget about or forego that the kids really value – like pizza every Friday night or Sunday morning pancakes.


  1. Make the house a home

This is always a process to do but the little things can make all the difference. Whether it’s lighting a candle or hanging a picture on the wall, making an empty house feel more like theirs will help them. This is also a great way to help them get involved! Maybe before you get a chance to decorate or paint you can ask them to help you by drawing pictures for the fridge or making artwork for their rooms. This can really help them feel like they are making the house their own.


  1. Have a going away party

This may not apply to all moves (across town for example) but for anything farther away than an hour or so this is a great tip. Your kids have bonded and made friends and had teachers and neighbors and having a going away party to celebrate moving will help make it seem more fun and less sad. It also will give them closure to be able to say goodbye to their friends.


  1. Keep the boxes!

This may seem like a silly one but your kids will appreciate it. Those boxes make great forts and tunnels and the kids will have adventures and fun for hours with them!

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