3 Bdrm/2 Bath and a Puppy

by Gary and Lisa Schoeffler on August 12, 2014

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Congratulations! You’ve found your new home and you and your family are all settled in! It was one heck of a process and now to reward yourselves and expand your family, a four legged friend has been added into the equation. But what should you do to prepare your new home for new family member? Let’s start with the different places of your house this little friend might explore.

It’s no question that the kitchen always has amazing smells, and sometimes some bad ones. This will cause some curiosity from you, and this new little friend to come wandering in when it smells delicious. Make sure that all cabinets that your new family member can reach have childproof latches. A baby gate may also come in handy when cooking so your new family member doesn’t scrape up any food you drop on the floor that may be toxic for him/her.

The bedroom may seem like a nonhazardous place for a curious pup but remember, they navigate with their nose. So keep those stinky shoes and dirty clothes in places your pup can’t get to to avoid torn up shoes and clothes. Electronics and their cables are commonly found in the bedroom as well and to avoid little pups chewing those up as well, make sure they are properly put away and out of reach. This also goes for the living room and den/office areas.

The last place of your home curious four-legged friends might wander is the bathroom. First things first, keep the toilet seat covered! Many bathroom products have certain chemicals in them that are toxic to animals, sometimes to humans too, but to avoid that scary trip to the veterinarian, make sure you clean up after yourselves. That means all types of hair products, body products, any medications you or a family member is taking, shaving essentials, etc. Anything in the bathroom that may be toxic to you will most likely be toxic to your pet as well so keep those out of reach.

Overall, a home is a dangerous place for new, furry little friends. When owning a new home with new children and/or new pets, it is key to be vigilant about what you do and don’t leave out. Always keep a close eye on that little pup and if you notice anything problematic with your new home, be sure to fix it right away. And if you can’t fix it, keep the little creature out of that area. A new home brings new adventures, but it is also one huge learning process. Be cautious but also enjoy the ride.

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